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Jason Andrew Griffith

Four O'Clock Show

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About the song

Jason's first single and music video is available now on all major streaming platforms!

Four O'clock Show was written in 2009 by Jason. It was inspired by the time he spent with his little sister as a young teenager.

The song is a nostalgic look back at how quickly childhood passes us by, and the sense of loss that can come with the realization that you can never go back.

In the video, Jason and his sister return to their childhood streets, walk their old route home from school, and rediscover old home VHS movies, all to explore old memories of their time together.


Music and lyrics by Jason Andrew Griffith
Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mark Troyer @ Evergreen Sound
Vocals and acoustic guitar performed by Jason Andrew Griffith
Piano performed by Brendan Waters
Video written and directed by Oliver Clarke @ Shutter Release Productions